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 [Dedicated to Lightning Area]

1 DC to 4DC DC Power Lightning Protection and Surge Protector

Case Higher Temperature Type: LPDC-4D10KA-C / Plastic Durable Type: LPDC-4D10KA-P / For Assembly type: PCBA-LPDC-4D10KA-X

IO-Power IOP-LPDC-4D10KA-X is a Dedicated to Lightning Area -designed 1 DC to 4 DC for DC power lightning protection and surge protector.

The use of simple line-to-line physical protection design, with the DC Jack DC power 8A plug and unplug use, there is no directional power supply to the four DC connectors output power, the use of a very simple and convenient.

One DC power input can be distributed to four DC power supplies to four powered devices, which is especially suitable for distributed power supply of CCTV monitoring system and protection against lightning and surge at each power supply terminal. However, it is imperative to observe that the power consumption of one DC input must be greater than the total power consumption of four DC outputs and be limited to the 8A / 60V specifications that the DC connectors can withstand.

IOP-LPDC-4D10KA-X with continuous power supply function can be a DC input power, through the series of more than two protectors, multiples to improve the distribution of power to the receiving terminal number; also has a series and multiple series input power Function, can achieve multiple sets of power supply side of each other power backup effect.

IOP-LPDC-4D10KA-X has a continuous series power supply function, a DC input power, through the series of more than two protectors, multiples to improve the distribution of power supply to the number of terminals; At the same time, it also has the function of continuous series connection and multi-group input power supply, which can achieve the power supply effect of multiple power supply to each other.

IOP-LPDC-4D10KA-X has continuous serial power supply function, which can improve the distribution of power supply to the number of terminals; also has a series of multi-input power supply function in series to achieve the power supply of multiple groups of each other power supply backup effect. However, it must be observed that the power input of multiple DC input terminals should be greater than the total power consumption of multiple DC output terminals.

Protector uses industrial grade electronic components, for each DC power supply line 10KA (10,000 Amp) lightning protection and surge shock protection.

All the protective components and components, etc., are used to withstand -40 ~ +80 harsh environmental use standards; based on customer use of environmental needs, to provide outdoor waterproof and box-type resistance to high and low temperature and plastic light and durable Type and other three kinds of institutional characteristics of the product, so that users have more choices.

Download Product Data Sheet : IO-Power - IOP-LPDC-4D10KA-X Data Sheet 2018 EV1.0


-- 5G Last Mile Solution --
(DC Power Supply / Ethernet Protection Against Lightning Surges)


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